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North Carolina Advance Directive Forms

An Advance Directive for North Carolina: A Practical Form for All Adults

Simplified North Carolina Living Will & Health Care Power of Attorney Forms

  • This form allows you to express your wishes for future health care & to guide decisions about that care.

  • If you are 18 years old or older and are able to make and communicate health care decisions, you may use this form. 

  • This form complies with North Carolina law (in NCGS § 32A-15 through 32A-27 and § 90-320 through 90-322).

Invitation to Serve as a Health Care Agent

An outline of the duties of a Health Care Agent

  • This document outlines the duties and responsibilites of a Health Care Agent

  • You should discuss your wishes with the individual who you appoint as your Health Care Agent and have them review this invitation to be your Health Care Agent.  They will be able to decide if they are willing to fulfill this role.  If not, you may want to appoint another individual to this role who will agree to the role.

NC Statutory Requirements: "Advance Directive for the State of North Carolina: A Practical Form for All Adults"

How the simplified form meets North Carolina statutory requirements

  • The ”Advance Directive for the State of North Carolina: A Practical Form for All Adults” combines the health care power of attorney and the living will into a single document.

  • Both the Right to a Natural Death Act and the Health Care Power of Attorney statute state explicitly that these two types of advance directive may be combined or incorporated in a single document [at NCGS § 90-321(j) and § 32A-26].

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