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Register Here for Our Feb 4, 2020 Event at Trellis Supportive Care

Overview of This Workshop:


Date:  Feb 4, 2020 (Tuesday) Advance Care Planning Workshop at Trellis Supportive Care (formerly Hospice & Palliative CareCenter)

Time: 1:00 - 2:00 pm
Where:  Conference Room, Williams Education and Counseling Center, on the Trellis Supportive Care campus

               101 Hospice Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27103


Welcome to our Got Plans? Workshop sign-up page. This workshop will be held in the Williams Education and Counseling Center, located on the Trellis Supportive Care campus, 101 Hospice Lane, Winston-Salem, NC.

During this inspiring workshop you'll learn about the importance of the advance care planning process. You'll gain an understanding of critical documents including a Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney and the Medical Advance Directive known as the MOST form.

  • Have you named someone to speak for you in the event you cannot speak for yourself?

  • Have you told your loved ones and healthcare providers what your wishes are for end of life care?

  • Have you documented your wishes in the form of advance directives?

  • If not, this FREE GotPlans? workshop is for you!


Download and print your GotPlans? Resource Kit and bring the printed forms with you to the workshop.  Following the presentation, a notary will be available for those wishing to notarize their documents.  A current government-issued picture ID, such as a driver’s license, is required. There is no charge for any of our workshops, although donations are appreciated.


Please arrive 15 minutes early so we can check you in. Thanks so much and we'll see you at the workshop!


Call (336) 768-6157, ext. 1622.


This event was organized by the NCPCC Regional Coalition - a unification of the North Carolina Community Partnership for Compassionate Care (NCPCC), The North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA) and the North Carolina Medical Society Foundation (NCMSF).

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